RemoteDesk lets companies rent individual workspaces to the remote workers nearby

RemoteDesk is the remote office near your home

For the companies

Remote Desk generates a new source of revenues driving an increase in annual profits while also helps building a more diverse, sustainable and attractive workplace

For the remote workers

Remote Desk provides the best of remote working without the burden of home working

While people are going virtual, working at home and remotely... offices are increasingly empty

Of workers plan to always work from home*

Of workers said they will not return to the office full time*

Remote working is not home working !

Work close to home having more time for yourself
Farewell to extra expenses such as petrol, public transport, tickets, parking, etc.
No loneliness and real contact with people during working hours
The ideal separation between work and home environment
Services in the offices that help your productivity (coffee machine, wifi, canteen, etc…)

Worker: enter any office and just work.

a simple app to make remote working smarter


Quickly spot remote offices close to you and book a desk for one day or longer


Enter any office and simply use the app generated QR-code for authentication, unlocking entrance, wifi and all services(coffee machine, canteen, etc)


Use the navigator to orient yourself inside new offices green zons and reach your desk, meeting areas, toilets etc..

Company: empty workplace from concern to asset.

a simple app to make the office profitable and attractive


Quickly enter your building, segment it into areas, desks and list them for one day or longer. Offer premium like wi-fi, coffee machine, canteen etc..


Let the app validate entrances by scanning the users QR-code


Easily check your profits, stats and stay in control


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